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What is full GC in Java?
Full GC is an important phase in the garbage collection process. During this full GC phase, garbage is collected from all the regions in the JVM heap (Young, Old, Perm, Metaspace). During this phase, the JVM is paused.The reason that a Full GC occurs is because the application allocates too many objects that can't be reclaimed quickly enough. Often concurrent marking has not been able to complete in time to start a space-reclamation phase.A full GC goes over the whole heap (young + old generation). Due to the differences between the old and new objects, the partial GC will be much faster to complete. There is no direct way to choose between both types.

What is the difference between full GC and minor GC in Java : The task of Major GC is as same as the minor GC, but the only difference is minor GC reclaims the memory of the young generation whereas Major GC reclaims the memory of the old generation. It is also said that many major GCs are triggered by minor GCs.

What is a full GC

A generation 2 garbage collection is also known as a full garbage collection because it reclaims objects in all generations (that is, all objects in the managed heap).

What is the difference between GC and full GC : Major GC is cleaning the Tenured space. Full GC is cleaning the entire Heap – both Young and Tenured spaces.

Thus, optimizing the application to create fewer objects is THE EFFECTIVE strategy to reduce long GC pauses. This might be a time-consuming exercise, but it is 100% worth doing. In order to optimize the object creation rate in the application, you can consider using Java profilers like JProfiler, YourKit, or JVisualVM.

Objects that have survived multiple minor GC cycles in the young generation are eventually promoted to the old generation. Major garbage collections (also known as full GC) are less frequent but involve scanning and cleaning up the entire heap, including both the old and young generations.

What is the full form of GC

Gas chromatography (GC) is a common analytical technique used to separate and analyze volatile and semi-volatile compounds in a mixture.This can be achieved by lowering '-XX:InitiatingHeapOccupancyPercent' value. Default value is 45. It means the G1 GC marking phase will begin only when heap usage reaches 45%. By lowering the value, the G1 GC marking phase will get triggered earlier so that Full GC can be avoided.Automatic garbage collection is a prevalent feature in modern programming languages such as Golang, Node. js, Java, . NET, and Python. While it offers convenience to developers by automatically removing unreferenced objects from memory, it can also result in excessive CPU consumption.

A mixed GC collects some regions (not all), some belong the young generation, at least one to the old generation. A full GC collects all regions, and, in consequence, the young and the old generation. Under normal conditions G1 should only run young and mixed collections to meet its pause time goals.

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What is GC analysis : Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical technique applicable to gas, liquid, and solid samples (components that are vaporized by heat). If a mixture of compounds is analyzed using GC system, each compound can be separated and quantified.

What causes high garbage collection

Excessive garbage collection activity can occur due to a memory leak in the Java application. Insufficient memory allocation to the JVM can also result in increased garbage collection activity. And when excessive garbage collection activity happens, it often manifests as increased CPU usage of the JVM!

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