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What's the new update in Genshin Impact?
The latest Genshin Impact update, Version 4.5, titled Blades Weaving Betwixt Brocade, has arrived! The update features new character Chiori, brand new seasonal events, and a new wish type! This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of the 4.5 Update for Genshin Impact, including a link to the full Patch Notes.Genshin Impact 4.6 is likely scheduled on April 24, 2024, immediately following last day of Phase 2 of Version 4.5! What is this Keep in mind, as with the previous version updates, a server maintenance that usually takes up to 6-7 hours from the server reset takes place, before Travelers can play Version 4.6!Version 3.5 introduces Dehya's story quest called Mantichora Chapter: Act 1. This version also introduces a hangout event for Faruzan, as well as the new Chapter 3, Act 6: Caribert Archon Quest that features Dainsleif and Kaeya in Sumeru.

What time is the Genshin 3.8 update : Genshin Impact 3.8 will release on Wednesday 5th July. It follows the usual maintenance schedule for new updates, with 3.8 releasing at 4am (BST).

How to get Primogems fast

The best way to farm Primogems is through the Spiral Abyss. The first parts of the Abyss will give you 100 primogems per star with a maximum of 3 per floor.

How many GB is 4.4 Genshin : Genshin Impact 4.4 Pre-Installation Guide for PC

The resource package size on a PC is around 8.1 GB, and the storage space required to unzip the files is around 16 GB to 16.5 GB. Once the downloading has begun, you can also check the progress by moving your cursor over the Game Pre-Installation button.

When focusing on the main objectives, Genshin Impact is about 59 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 620 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Day/Night Cycle

Dawn, midday, dusk, and midnight occur at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 24:00/00:00, respectively, each phase of a day lasts six minutes, the daylight and nightlight hours last twelve minutes each, and the cycle repeats itself every 24 minutes.

Who is in 3.5 Genshin

Genshin Impact 3.5 Banners

There are two new playable characters making their debut in the 3.5 update: Dehya and Mika. Phase 1 begins with new Pyro 5-Star Deyha featured in her Auric Blaze Banner, and returning Electro 5-Star Cyno featured in his Twilight Arbiter Banner.Genshin Impact 3.5 banners: Phase 2

Banner #4: Shenhe (5-star character, polearm, Cryo), Mika (4-star character, polearm, Cryo), Diona (4-star character, bow, Cryo), and Sucrose (4-star character, catalyst, Anemo).Version 3.8 Banners

The first phase banners of Version 3.8 will feature Klee and Eula, and the second phase banners will feature Kokomi and Wanderer. There will be no new characters introduced in Version 3.8.

24th May

Genshin Impact 3.7 will release on Wednesday, 24th May. It follows the usual maintenance schedule for new updates, with 3.7 releasing at 4am (BST).

How to get 1600 Primogems in one hour : Codes click on tutorials to earn prima gems do your commissions. Do your side quest for primogens. Click here for part two.

How to get 1,000 Primogems in 1 day : 1) Complete all the events

They are typically one of the main sources of farming Primogems for all F2P players. In every patch, there is one major event that usually offers around 800 to 1000 Primogems and three smaller events that offer 420 Primogems each, which sums up to somewhere around 2200 Primogems.

Is 64 GB enough for Genshin

A device with 64GB storage should have enough space to install and run Genshin Impact. It's important to consider extra space for game updates and cache files.

The minimum storage requirement for the game is 8GB on mobile phones such as iPhones or android and 30GB for gaming platforms like PlayStation and windows, so with 256GB, you will have ample space to not only install Genshin Impact but also store other games and files.However, once those bonuses are gone, you become aware of how much money it costs to get a decent amount of wishes. ➤ 6,480 crystals, which is the $100 pack, is only 40 wishes. $200 is barely enough to bring you to the brink of pity.

Is 100% exploration actually 100% Genshin : "100% Exploration Progress" on the map does not necessarily mean you have everything in that subregion. Whatever it is, if you intend to get every chest, then when you get access to the chest-finder gadgets, don't automatically skip checking the areas that list as being 100%. EDIT: No, chests do not respawn.