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When should I go to Dyker Heights?
The Dyker Heights lights generally start to appear the day after Thanksgiving, which is the third Thursday in November. But if you want to ensure that you see the most number of lights, go mid-December through December 31st.Depending on the size of the group, the scope of the tour, and the choice of transportation (foot or vehicle), we generally need 75 to 90 minutes in Dyker. My fee is up to two hours. Dyker Heights is in the southwest part of Brooklyn.It was such an amazing experience to stroll along Dyker Heights during Christmas time. It feels like being in a magical worlds where all the houses are illuminated and decorated with beautiful lights. Many house owners go extra miles to present the best decoration. It's truly beyond expectation.

Can you visit Dyker Heights without a tour : Self-Guided Tours. If you're visiting Dyker Heights on your own for a self-guided tour, then the excursion is practically free apart from your subway trip or bus ride. It can be hard finding inexpensive outings in New York, especially in December when it's often too cold to be outside.

Why is Dyker Heights so expensive

Dyker Heights originated as a speculative luxury housing development in October 1895 when Walter Loveridge Johnson developed a portion of woodland into a suburban community. It maintained its status as a wealthy neighborhood through the 20th century.

Can you walk Dyker Heights Christmas lights for free : These over-the-top Christmas displays have been a tradition for decades (FREE to visit, no tours needed!) It is recommended to travel to Dyker Heights by subway: take the D Train to 79th St and New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, and it's a ~15 min walk to get to the houses.

The light is amazingly brilliant and romantic with holiday season atmosphere. It was worth a visit for couples and families.

It is known for its large, lavish Christmas light displays during the holiday season. Living in Dyker Heights can be a pleasant experience for many people. The neighborhood has a relatively low crime rate and is generally considered safe.

How long does it take to see the Dyker Heights Christmas lights

Both tours offer a 90-minute guided walk to see the beautiful Dyker Heights Christmas Lights up close on the best walking path.Dyker Heights is a good neighborhood to grow up in, and it has good public schools nearby. It's relatively safe, and a lot of surrounding stores and places to explore.